jueves, 16 de octubre de 2014

Team encounters 'ghost' crawling along road

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Members of a Scottish paranormal group came across the figure during an investigation in East Lothian. Investigators for Lanarkshire Paranormal had been on a visit to Cockenzie House near Edinburgh, a 17th century mansion with a long history of paranormal sightings and occurrences.

 The most notable incident of the night however happened not inside the building itself but on the road out front when group co-manager Steff Murdoch-Richards went to help a seemingly injured woman who had been seen crawling around outside.

 "As he helped her up she was very cold and pale and, although she was crawling on the floor in heavy rain, her dress seemed dry and no signs of mud," the team wrote in a report. "She had no weight to her whatsoever and seemed perfectly fine once she was standing up. Within a few moments of walking away, he turned round and she was gone."

 The incident occurred several hours in to the group's investigation at the house. "She was crawling on the floor and it looked like her arms and quite possibly her back had been broken - but there was no sign of that when she stood up," said Murdoch-Richards. "And then, obviously, where did she go?"

source and credit to www.unexplained-mysteries.com