30 septiembre 2014

Mystery surrounds 'black-eyed child' reports

A mysterious entity has been sighted at Cannock Chase in England for the first time in almost 30 years.

 Reports of a ghostly girl with "coal-black pits for eye sockets" have seen something of a resurgance over the last two years at the otherwise ideallic Staffordshire beauty spot. The sightings echo a similar spate of encounters that took place back in the 1980s. Paranormal investigator Lee Brickley has been attempting to get to the bottom of the mystery and is appealing for information. The last reported sighting occurred around two weeks ago.

 The witness reported that he and his wife had been walking in the area with their dog when, upon embarking upon a path through the woods, they heard the sound of a little girl giggling. "To our amazement, a child, no taller than one meter in height appeared as if out of nowhere further up the path in front of us," he wrote. "We stopped dead in our tracks after noticing her eyes had no colour. She stared at us for around five minutes before running away into a densely grouped area of trees. My wife wanted to follow her, but I was having none of it."

 Another documented sighting, which took place last July, involved a woman and her daughter who heard screams in the forest before encountering a strange girl who appeared behind them. "I asked if she was okay and if she had been the one screaming, she then put her arms down by her side and opened her eyes, which is when I saw they were completely black, no iris, no white, nothing," said the mother.

"I jumped back and grabbed my daughter, when I looked again, the child was gone.." To date there has been no explanation for the peculiar sightings.

  "I have received nine different reports in the last two years from seemingly credible witnesses," said Brickley. "During interviews most of their stories have been very similar."

Source and credit to /www.unexplained-mysteries.com