lunes, 4 de agosto de 2014

Mysterious lake appears in Tunisian desert

Tourists have been flocking to 'Gafsa Beach' in their droves ever since word of its existence got around.

 Discovered by shepherds three weeks ago, the large expanse of water has become something of a tourist hotspot with people swimming, diving and enjoying themselves in what essentially amounts to an oasis in the middle of an otherwise dry and drought-ridden land.

 Scientists have estimated that the pool, which has since turned a shade of green due to algae, could contain more than one million cubic metres of water across an area of one hectare. No official explanation has been given for how it came to be there however some experts believe that it may have been caused by groundwater being forced to the surface by seismic activity. 

 Despite its popularity however the lake's waters are not quite as clean as they may appear. "This lake is located in an area rich in phosphate deposits, which leave residue that is sometimes strongly radioactive," said journalist Lakhdar Souid. "So there is a real risk the water is contaminated and carcinogenic."

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