miércoles, 2 de julio de 2014

New clue found in Amelia Earhart mystery

A newspaper photograph of Earhart's plane taken in 1937 could hold the key to her disappearance. One of the most enduring mysteries of the modern era, the disappearance of famed aviator Amelia Earhart during an attempt to circumnavigate the world in 1937 has been the subject of investigations and debate for almost 80 years.

 Now a potentially vital new clue has emerged in the form of a photograph of Earhart's plane that was captured by the Miami Herald just before she took off.

 The image shows a piece of aluminum bolted to the plane, presumably to cover one of the windows, that was not present in any previous pictures. The metal plate seems to match an identical piece that was discovered in 1991 on a remote Pacific Island during a search for the crash site.

 The find suggests that Earhart didn't go down over the ocean as some have believed but instead may have crash landed on a remote island where she and her navigator Fred Noonan may have survived for several days while waiting for help that never came.

 Efforts are now underway to try and match the rivet pattern on the aluminum plate from the island with the one in the picture - if the two match then the mystery may have finally been solved

source and credit to www.unexplained-mysteries.com