sábado, 5 de julio de 2014

CIA admits to causing 1950s Norway UFO wave

A mysterious spate of UFO sightings over Norway in the mid-20th century has finally been solved. Sightings and reports of strange lights and unidentified craft in the Norwegian skies reached fever pitch in the 1950s when an extended period of activity prompted speculation over whether or not the country might have become a target for extraterrestrial visitors.

 In a sudden and unexpected twist more than 60 years on however the CIA has this week revealed that the Norway UFO wave had actually been the result of their efforts to test out the U2 spy plane which at the time had been capable of flying at a higher altitude than any known passenger aircraft.

 According to the CIA, these planes would fly so high that even when the sun had set below the horizon they were still high enough to reflect its rays, generating a spate of reports concerning bright silvery objects in the night sky.

 The true nature of the sightings had been covered up at the time to prevent the Soviets from gaining knowledge of America's military intentions during the Cold War.

 "Do you remember the reports of unusual activity in the sky in the 50's?" the agency wrote in a message posted to their Twitter account. "That was us."

source and credit to www.unexplained-mysteries.com