viernes, 27 de junio de 2014

Two mystery canines terrorize Ontario

A pair of unknown vicious dogs have been attacking people and evading police officers in Thornhill. Regional authorities have been attempting without success to track down the canines which have to date been connected with several violent incidents.

Two women have reportedly been bitten by the dogs while one man was said to have fended them off with a rake. Several residents claim to have been chased in to their homes and one officer had to resort to repelling the animals with pepper spray after they lunged at him in someone's back yard. Later the same day an officer shot one of the dogs in the shoulder but it still managed to get away.

 Conflicting reports from witnesses suggest that they could be German shepherds or coyotes while others have suggested them to be something else entirely such as an unidentified hybrid.

 "You’re having all kinds of people weigh in with different opinions, but until we actually have the animals, we won’t know for sure," said York Regional Police Sergeant Clint Whitney. "The safest thing to say is that they’re undomesticated canines of some sort. Large and vicious."

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