domingo, 30 de marzo de 2014

New software can spot Bigfoot hoax videos

A new video analysis technology from MIT could make it much easier to determine if footage is genuine. Known as EVM ( Eulerian Video Magnification ), the software works by breaking down the image to reveal aspects that would otherwise be undetectable to the naked eye.

 Bigfoot researcher Matt Knapp has been urging others in the field to focus on using this technology to help prove once and for all that there really is something lurking in the wilds of North America. "Self admittedly, up to this point, we have not had anything worth presenting as real evidence of this creature’s existence," he said. "If we want scientists to get involved, we have to go by their standards, not our anecdotal ones." 

Frustrated by the current state of Bigfoot research, Knapp hopes to encourage widespread use of the software to rule out the fakers and hoaxers. "There are numerous individuals out there, that for whatever reason present false evidence," he said.

 "Not only does the EVM software assist in determining and proving the subject of a video is a living and breathing entity, and not just some guy in a costume, it also opens the door in terms of gaining information about muscle movement and motion."

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