lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014

'Toenail of Bigfoot' discovered in Arizona

A toenail allegedly belonging to the legendary hominid is being hailed by some as proof of its existence.

 Researchers have been attempting to find conclusive evidence of Bigfoot, a tall ape-like biped said to roam the wilds of North America, ever since the infamous Patterson-Gimlin footage brought the idea of the creature in to the mainstream. Now an unusual discovery by a homeowner outside of Seligman has resparked interest in the legend - an alleged Bigfoot toenail that DNA tests suggest belongs to something that is a cross between a human female and some other unknown species.

 "Everybody has a desire to know the unexplained and to find the truth," said Alex Hearn of the Arizona Cryptozoological Research Organization. "The toenail is proof that the creature is there. But it's not the definitive proof yet, we still have work to do."

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