lunes, 3 de febrero de 2014

Roswell buried by tumbleweed invasion

Residents of the New Mexico town have found their homes buried underneath mountains of dried up plants.

 Well known for being the site of the world's most infamous UFO incident, Roswell has lately been subjected to an invasion of a different kind - thanks to a recent spate of high winds the town has been slowly disappearing underneath huge quantities of tumbleweed. So much of the dried out plant matter has piled up in fact that some of the buildings are almost completely buried and the streets are choked with mountainous drifts.

 Emergency crews have been working ten-hour days to pile the tumbleweed in to trucks. "I couldn't believe it – the houses and apartments were just buried by the tumbleweed," said resident Lee Cassidy. "It was right up against people’s houses and blocking them in." Despite efforts to clean up the mess, authorities are concerned that further high winds could see a fresh supply of tumbleweed arriving in the town in the near future.

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