jueves, 2 de enero de 2014

Clump of spiders video goes viral

From <---> unexplained-mysteries

The stuff of nightmares. Image Credit: Vine / Paglo 

One man got the fright of his life after poking a 'toupee' that turned out to be a big pile of spiders. Footage taken by a man as he investigated a strange hairy object on the top of a slide has gone viral after it was revealed that the otherwise innocuous looking object was in fact a huge clump of spiders with very long legs. Almost as soon as he'd touched the pile the man reeled back in horror as hundreds of the arachnids started to swarm all over the place.

The incident has been retweeted more than 103,000 times and has since become an Internet phenomenon. "I thought it was a toupee. And then it became a living nightmare," said Twitter user @metschick. "Oh my god… I will have nightmares about it," said @AMadisonMom.

source and credit a unexplained-mysteries