viernes, 1 de noviembre de 2013

How to watch the November 3 total solar eclipse online

Relatively few people will see the totality – when moon covers sun completely – in the solar eclipse of Sunday, November 3. Relativamente poca gente va a ver la totalidad - cuando la Luna cubre totalmente el sol - en el eclipse solar del domingo, 3 de noviembre. Info here on how to watch online.

hybrid solar eclipse – part annular, part total, part partial – on Sunday November 3, 2013. To see the annular or total eclipse, you’ll need to be standing within a narrow pathway on Earth’s surface, and, in fact, the best place to be is Africa. But what about those of us who will be clouded out, or who are not in the right place to view the eclipse? No worries … you can watch online via Slooh from Kenya, Gabon, and the Canary Islands.

Slooh Astronomer Paul Cox will be broadcasting live from Kenya to bring images of the brief total phase of the November 3 eclipse, while live feeds from Gabon and the Canary Islands with show the annular portion. And of course the partial phases will be visible, too. Have fun watching, everyone! Bottom line: Only a relatively few people will get to see the totality – when the moon covers the sun completely – in the solar eclipse of Sunday, November 3. Info on how to watch online here.

source and credit a earthsky