jueves, 31 de octubre de 2013

'Skunk ape' filmed in Mississippi woods

The creature appeared to be digging out a tree stump. Image Credit: YouTube / Josh Highcliff

The footage was recorded in the woods 9 miles to the west of Tunica by a man who was out hunting hogs. According to his report he had been waiting for the light to fade when he heard a noise behind him. "There was this huge black thing crouched by a dead cypress about 50 yards away, I thought it was a hog but saw these big shoulders and a head upright with hands," he wrote. "It looked like it was digging out the stump." Paralyzed with fear, he waited and filmed the creature as it foraged a few yards in front of him. After a couple of minutes he took the decision to turn and run. "I don't know what to think," he wrote. "If someone can tell me what it is or if somone was trying to prank me... I always heard stories of skunk ape and honey island swamp monster from these parts but never thought about it being real ever."

source and credit a unexplained-mysteries