28 julio 2013

Roswell base photographers speak out

Image credit: sxc.hu

The base photographers stationed at Roswell during the UFO incident have spoken out about their experiences. Military photographers stationed at Roswell Air Force Base in 1947, now in their 80s, have provided new details of what happened at the time of the infamous UFO crash. According to their testimonies, Commander Butch Blanchard and his superiors had decided it best to call in photographers from outside the base to take pictures of the evidence because having too many of their own personnel involved was deemed to be a security risk.

 The commander of the photo unit was therefore summarily relieved of his duties and transferred elsewhere. In his place a group of men from Washington DC was flown in to photograph the debris along with several retired military personnel with Top Secret clearance. Of those photographers interviewed, none of them believed that the incident had anything to do with a crashed weather balloon and all of them were adamant that a coverup had taken place.

 Roswell Army Air Field base photographers who were stationed there at the time of the UFO crash over six decades ago have recently been located and contacted. In their 20s at the time, today they are in their mid and late 80s.

source and credit a unexplained-mysteries