lunes, 22 de julio de 2013

Eric Davis on scientists and UFOs

Image credit: iStockPhoto

Physicist Dr Eric Davis believes that scientists are becoming more openly involved in UFO investigation. A keen proponent of the field, Dr Davis is no stranger to the topic of UFO research. "UFOs are real phenomena," he said during a recent interview. "They are artificial objects under intelligent control. They’re definitely the craft of a supremely advanced technology." Davis feels that many scientists have been reluctant to come forward up until now with regard to UFOs due to fear of backlash. "There are scientists who are aware of evidence and observational data that is not refutable.

It is absolutely corroborated, using forensic techniques and methodology,

" he said. "But they won’t come out and publicize that because they fear it. Not the subject - they fear the backlash from their professional colleagues. The impact on their career might be detrimental and they’d get bad publicity."

 For years many scientists have avoided discussing their own hypothesis and research surrounding this topic of investigation. However, Dr. Davis is among many scientists who illustrate that this concept is shifting as more scientists are openly discussing UFO investigation.

source and credit a unexplained-mysteries