12 julio 2013

Can global warming be reversed ?

Image credit: sxc.hu

Climate researchers have been investigating possible ways to reverse the effects of global warming. According to a recent study, it should be possible to effectively reverse climate change by building special bio-energy plants that can filter carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and deposit it within old gas wells. It would be a slow process but it could be done, potentially lowering global temperatures by as much as 0.6 degrees Celsius every hundred years. "It’s like drilling for natural gas, but in reverse," said study co-author Niclas Mattson.

"The first combined full-scale power plants will probably be here within a decade, so it will take several decades for this to become significant on a global scale." Hi-tech new bio-energy plants could “reverse” global warming by pumping carbon dioxide into old gas wells - lowering temperatures by 0. 6°C per century, according to a study.

source and credit a unexplained-mysteries