27 junio 2013

Bizarre MoD UFO reports revealed

Image credit: iStockPhoto

Newly released UFO documents in the UK have revealed some rather unusual stories and reports. Among the files released by the National Archives are genuine reports of UFOs from members of the public. In one case, a man in Cardiff claimed that his tent, his car and even his dog had all been abducted by a UFO while he out camping with friends. In another, a woman in Dorset reported a bright white fireball that she said had entered her kitchen and produced lightning, however no traces of burns in the room were ever found.
Not all the reports pertained to recent sightings either, in one case a man reported having witnessed a "large saucer shaped object" during World War II. The mysterious object was said to have hovered over Barking Station before speeding off towards Dagenham. Previously confidential documents released by the National Archive contain hundreds of reports of UFO sightings from the public recorded by the Ministry of Defence's "UFO desk".

source and credit a unexplained-mysteries