domingo, 12 de mayo de 2013

Mystery aircraft causes stir in Quincy

Image credit: CC 3.0 Pikappa

Residents have been reporting aircraft doing loops over the city all night, every night for two weeks. The droning sound of a low-flying plane has been keeping people awake and unnerved on a nightly basis. "It’s frightening, not just weird, but frightening," said one resident. "I mean it is strange. I don’t know if they’re looking for somebody, I have no idea." The mystery is deepened by the fact that nobody seems to know who is flying the aircraft or for what purpose. "It’s frustrating, it really is," said City Councillor Brian Palmucci. He and other city officials had requested information from the FAA to explain what was happening but were told that such details could not be given out.
Even in response to being asked if the activity is related to anything people should be worried about the official response was "I can’t tell you that." A mystery in Quincy continues to deepen: Who is flying around the city from dusk to dawn, for the past ten days or so?

source and credit a unexplained-mysteries