jueves, 9 de mayo de 2013

Is mystery marine creature a killer whale ?

Image credit: Youtube

The mystery of a strange marine creature carcass that washed up in New Zealand may have been solved. Images of the washed up creature which sports a set of vicious looking sharp teeth have generated great interest since appearing online. The story goes that the animal was discovered by a group of quad bikers on a beach in New Zealand's Bay of Plenty. Intrigued by the find, the bikers recorded footage of the carcass before it was washed back out to sea. Speculation has been rife over what type of animal it is, however marine mammal expert Anton van Helden believes he has the answer. "The video pans over the flipper and it is a flat paddle shape which is diagnostic of the killer whale," he said. "It is very typical for whales of different shapes and sizes to wash up on beaches around New Zealand." The mystery of a marine creature which washed up on a New Zealand beach and created an online stir appears to have been solved.

source and credit a unexplained-mysteries