miércoles, 29 de mayo de 2013

'Goblin' killer on the run in Zimbabwe

Two elderly women were poisoned after being accused of using goblins to harm local children. The bizarre series of events took place in the village of Mangisi where 83-year-old Jersey Mutero and 73-year-old Erita Bhebhe were blamed for a child falling ill. Shaman Maxwell Pira was called upon to perform a cleansing ceremony because it was believed the women had been summoning goblins to inflict harm on the child. During the ceremony the two women were given 'holy water' to drink which turned out to be lethal poison. "The two elderly women drank the liquid but collapsed almost immediately," said Midlands police chief, Inspector Emmanuel Mahako.
"They were put on a scotch cart but died on the way to hospital." Pira is now on the run from the authorities who want him in connection with the women's deaths. Two elderly women have been killed with poison because neighbours in their African village thought they were using goblins to harm local children. Jersey Mutero, 83, and Erita Bhebhe, 73, were blamed for a child falling ill in the village of Mangisi, in the Midlands Province of Zimbabwe.

source and credit a unexplained-mysteries