jueves, 11 de abril de 2013

Safety alert for 20,000 diabetes sufferers

More than 20,000 diabetes sufferers have been warned that they may have been issued with faulty medical devices which will not alert them if blood sugar levels are dangerously high.

The problems affect all OneTouch Verio meters Photo: Universal News And Sport

Health watchdogs have issued a warning to NHS patients who were given blood glucose meters which have now been recalled because of faulty software. The product, which is manufactured by Lifescan, has been found to give falsely low readings and to switch itself off, when it should have warned patients that blood sugar levels were alarmingly high, putting them at risk of entering a diabetic coma. The problems affect all OneTouch Verio meters which are issued to patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes to monitor their own condition in the home, as
well affecting other models made by the company which are used by GPs and NHS hospitals. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said the recall was ordered after a patient suffered problems outside of the UK. The regulator was unable to say how serious the consequences had been. John Wilkinson, the MHRA’s Director of Medical Devices, said: “Extremely high blood glucose levels in people are rare, but if they do occur the person will require immediate medical attention. Protecting public health is our priority.”Patients with the device have been advised to contact manufacturers Lifescan for a replacement. Those who are concerned about blood sugar readings have been advised to contact their NHS diabetes care team.

source and credit a telegrap