lunes, 1 de abril de 2013

Orbs in the city of Vancouver

I leave the video description:

 "On March 30, 2013 Captured multiple orbs. Please excuse the quality of the video as using a really cheap DVR and the captured objects with my Yukon night vision monocular was very dim so I added colour and contrast to reveal these orbs as they descend and travel above the condos downtown Vancouver as it occurred to me last year with my 'Amazing Energy Orb" video. There were at least half dozen descending same part of the sky and began their tour of the city it was amazing to watch unfortunately could not upload the entire clip. This video will give you a good idea what I saw, they were at least double size of beach ball as you can see. These objects look exactly like satellites as they descend reason why I am careful to dismiss all satellite type objects.."